• YANA™ is a revolutionary daily beauty liquid collagen drink that helps to rebuild and strengthen skin by boosting the body's natural collagen production. This collagen supplement is a highly concentrated proprietary blend of collagen peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and vitamins helps to restore the essential elements skin needs to regain and maintain its youthful appearance.

  • The YANA™ Replenishment Program allows you to receive monthly shipments of the YANA™ collagen drink arriving directly to your doorstep. Did you know by subscribing to the Replenishment Program that after every 3 months your 4th month is free? Get ready to embark on a journey to radiant skin from within with the YANA™ collagen supplement.

  Skin Type

  • All skin types.​

​  Benefits

  • The YANA™ collagen supplement offers a new approach to skin health, utilizing a bioactive collagen peptide that is clinically proven to increase skin firmness, slow collagen loss, reduce wrinkle depth, increase elasticity and restore hydration.


  • Take one serving, (0.5 Fl Oz / 15 Ml) of YANA™ collagen drink every morning. Shake prior to use and refrigerate after opening.


  • What is YANA™?

  YANA™ is a revolutionary, daily beauty liquid that helps to rebuild and strengthen skin by boosting the body’s natural collagen production from within.

  • What is so unique about YANA™?

  Visible results of up to 63% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles have been noted within the first 30 days. Some people have seen visible results in as little as    one to two weeks.
  Lumiplex™, which contains a proprietary Ultra-Nutraceutical Antioxidant Complex, works to rebuild and repair skin on a cellular level.
  Highly concentrated beauty liquid allows for maximum effectiveness compared to other like products in the market.
  YANA™ works with all skin types.
  Delicious citrus flavor tastes great by itself or blended with water, smoothies, teas and more.
  Hydrolyzed collagen peptides have a higher bioavailability, allowing ingredients to be absorbed more effectively for superior results.
  Source: (Internal Clinical Study - April 2016)

  • Is YANA™ FDA approved?

  FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary   supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.