Salon Serenity Spa's team is here to make your hands and feet absolutely shine.  They are all experienced professionals in the natural nail treatment.  From cuticle trimming, to shaping to buffing, to applying polish you'll find that our nail team take immense pride in ensuring your nails look and feel their very best.  We offer a private couples pedicure suite for those who wish for privacy during a pedicure treatment.

 French Polish                                                      $10

 Gel Polish Removal                                            $10

 Gel Polish Add-On                                                   $15

 Nail Repair   (10 Min)                                          $10

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 Full Set of Nails (Extensions)                          $65

 Removal of Artificial Nails                              $25

 Gel Overlay on Natural Nails   (45 Min)        $50

 Shellac / Gel Polish Manicure  (45 Min)        $55

 Gel Fill   (60 Min)                                               $55

Belvia Classic Pedicure  

When you don’t have time for the Deluxe, this quick fix will do the trick! After soaking your feet, your feet will get basic foot filing, nail care, cuticle care, and a moisturizing foot and calf massage. Choose from our selection of long-lasting polish.
45 Min - $40

Belvia Deluxe Pedicure 

The ultimate overhaul for your feet! Relax on one of our comfy pedicure thrones while soaking your feet.  Our Deluxe Pedicure includes detailed nail shaping, extended foot filing, cuticle care, and a relaxing foot massage. It also features a hot herbal steam towel treatment, an exfoliating scrub for your feet and calves, plus the choice of long-lasting polish. This is sure to put the bounce back in your step!
60 Min - $55

Crenshaw Pointe
1002 Durham Rd. 
Wake Forest NC 27587

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Crenshaw Pointe
1002 Durham Rd.
Wake Forest  NC 27587

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Belvia Classic Manicure 
Great for those on the go! Our most basic manicure includes natural nail care and maintenance - Cuticles pushed back and nails filed to desired length and shape. Moisturizer applied with a gentle massage.  Top it off with long-lasting polish of your choice.  
30 Min - $25
Belvia Deluxe Manicure
This supreme hand experience includes all the basics plus an invigorating exfoliation on the hands and forearms and a hot steam towel treatment followed by a relaxing hand and forearm massage. Top it off with long-lasting polish of your choice. 
45 Min - $40

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