A styling essential from the leaders in professional hair care. The  Moroccanoil® Professional Series Titanium Ceramic Hairstyling Iron  combines form, function and versatility. Ergonomically designed for ease  of use in the salon or at home, this high-performance flat iron allows for a  range of silky, frizz-free styles—from sleek and shiny to wavy and curly.


  The Moroccanoil Professional Series Titanium Ceramic Hairstyling Iron         may be used two ways:

​  To straighten and smooth-out hair:

​  1. Divide hair into small sections. Be sure to take fine subsections.

  2. Select desired temperature. (Fine hair = lower heat setting; Medium to Coarse/Thick = higher heat setting. Refer to Temperature             Guide.)

  3. Starting at the base of one section, spray one pump of Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection lightly 8–10 inches away. Close the flat           iron at the base and glide it through the ends, repeating until desired smoothness is achieved. Continue working in the same                   manner in all sections.

  To create soft waves and curls:

  1. Divide hair into small sections and lightly spray Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection throughout.

  2. Select desired temperature. (Fine hair = lower heat setting; Medium to Coarse/Thick = higher heat setting. Refer to Temperature             Guide.)

  3. Take a ¼-inch piece of hair and place the iron in a section where the curl is to begin.

  4. Lightly close the iron and rotate a quarter or half of the way in the desired direction of the curl (away from or towards the                         face), working through the ends and all other sections of hair.