Create voluminous, full-bodied styles with the Moroccanoil® Boar Bristle             Teasing Brush, designed for backcombing. Moroccanoil handmade natural           boar bristle brushes use premium materials to provide the ultimate                       experience in hair care, while promoting healthy, shiny, manageable hair.             Performance-tested on A-list celebrity clientele and on the runway, the results     are proven on all hair types. Boar bristle brushes provide nourishment by           stimulating and massaging the scalp and gently spreading hair’s natural oils         down the shaft. The result: with repeated use, hair becomes softer, more             manageable and healthier. Seamless construction allows for easy styling, with     an ash wood handle that is lightweight and heat-resistant.

  To boost volume for a variety of styles, backcomb hair by working the brush       through with long and even strokes. Start at mid-shaft and run brush through     hair toward scalp, before pulling the brush back out. Continue with short             strokes until reaching desired volume.