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Someone looking to lose body fat will need a way of tracking their progress. At Carolina Weight Loss in Wake Forest NC, our preferred way of measuring your weekly results is through the Tanita Scales.  Diane refers to these scales as her "Magic Scales."  Although total body weight can sometimes indicate the loss of body fat, it is not a reliable source. There are numerous ways to measure body composition, one of which is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). But what is it and how does it work?
This technique uses a model that breaks down the total body mass into two compartments: fat mass and fat-free mass.1,2 The two-compartment model has gained popularity recently because of the association of excess body fat and the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In this model, the body is broken down into body fat, and all other remaining tissue.1,2 Therefore, any technique using the two-compartment model will attempt to separate the fat mass from the fat-free mass. BIA does just that.

BIA measures the impedance of small electrical current, so small you cannot feel it, as it travels through the body. Body fat acts as an electrical insulator, so higher fat percentages will reduce the amount of electricity that will complete the circuit through the body.

As the current flows through the body, it is able to travel through certain tissues that are conductors, such as muscle and fluids, more easily than tissues that are insulators, such as fat and bones.2 With other factors such as age, height, gender, and weight, bone mass can be calculated and be taken into consideration to the amount of impedance that is in the body.

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